Call for Sessions

Dear colleague,


It is with great pleasure that we hereby invite proposals for structured sessions to be included in the Forum Acusticum 2011 - the triennial European conference of the European Acoustics Association (EAA), which will take place in Aalborg, Denmark from June 27 to July 1, 2011. The technical program will include keynote lectures, invited and contributed papers in structured parallel sessions and poster presentations.


Each proposal should include the topic of the session as well as the person in charge of it (including affiliation and email address), tentative list of potential talkers and a brief description of the session's scope. For session proposals that fall naturally within the working areas of the existing EAA technical committees, please send the proposals to:


For Computational Acoustics:  

For Hydroacoustics:  

For Musical Acoustics:  

For Noise:  

For Psychological and Physiological Acoustics:  

For Room and Building Acoustics:  

For Ultrasound:


The Forum Acusticum embraces all fields of acoustics, and proposals which do not relate directly to the existing EAA TC area descriptions are also welcome. This could, e.g., be within fields of physical acoustics, audio engineering, instrumentation, speech communication, media technologies, hearing diagnosis, standardisation, and education. Please send any such proposal to


The deadline for proposals is October 29th 2010. Session chairs can expect notification of session acceptance by November 30th 2010.


The person in charge of a session is responsible for inviting three to ten presentations and chairing the session in the conference. The EAA encourages that session chairs are assisted by a relevant junior co-chair, possibly from the very beginning of the session’s organisation.


Chairmen and invited speakers must eventually register and pay on equal terms with other participants, and cover other costs by themselves.


The call for abstracts will follow soon. The deadline for abstracts will be January 9th 2011.


We hope that the Forum Acusticum conference will be a fruitful meeting point for researchers and practitioners dealing with all fields of acoustics and sound-related research.


Welcome to Forum Acusticum 2011 in Denmark!


Ville Pulkki, Sessions Chairman

Flemming Christensen, General Secretary

Dorte Hammershøi, General Chairman

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