Trip to Skagen

Monday, 27 from 10:00 – 18:00 (8 hrs.)

Departure by coach from the conference venue of Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre.

Our first stop will be for a guided tour of Voergaard Castle which is one of Denmark's loveliest and best-preserved Renaissance buildings. The castle houses a large collection of art, mainly brought home to the castle from France by the castle’s last owner, Count E Oberbech-Clausen.

We continue through Sæby and the ferry port of Frederikshavn to Skagen, the most northerly town in Denmark with a short break at the Raabjerg Mile migrating sand dunes just south of Skagen - the only true desert in Denmark.

In Skagen we shall start by visiting the natural phenomenon of  'Grenen' which we reach by the tractor-train Sandormen (the sand worm). Grenen is the northernmost point in Denmark and top of the European continent , and here is where the North Sea meets with the Kattegat. Lunch will be enjoyed at the seafood-restaurant Pakhuset overlooking the busy yachting harbour and after lunch you will have the opportunity of a guided tour of the famous Skagens Museum with its large collection of paintings from the Scandinavian Golden Age or, alternatively, a stroll on your own through the charming, picturesque city centre with craft centres, workshops and small specialist shops.

Price: DKK 975
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