The Forum Acusticum brings together acousticians from all over Europe, and will be an excellent opportunity for commercial enterprises to meet with scientists and clients. The opportunity for industry to show forefront technology is an important element in the technical scientific conference, and has high priority in the planning of the conference.

For this years Forum Acusticum, a large area on the ground floor of the congress centre has been reserved for exhibitors. There are two entrance doors from the west, which connects into the open area, where posters will be presented. There are also two entrance doors to the south, which connects to the area where lunch is served every day. This area also connect to the large auditory, where the keynote lectures will be given just before and just after lunch every day. Thus all conference delegates will pass the floor and entrance doors, which links to the exhibition. Coffee will be available in the exhibition area throughout the day.

A draft floor plan for the exhibition can be seen below. Requests for given areas can be made to <exhibition@fa2011.org>.

The exhibition area is subdivided into areas of 9 square meters, which is available for 3000€. Larger booths can also be made available, and each extra 3 square meters (one extra meter in width) will cost 1000€. The booths will have backwalls, sidewalls reaching 2 meters out from the backwall, one power plug (230V, 2 kW), and a carpet. The default color of the carpet is dark blue, but alternative colors are available, if required.

Other requirements will be arranged, if needed, but these will be subject to extra charges, and shall be arranged in direct agreements with the conference center. The contact to the congress center, and detailed information on options will be mailed to exhibitors, when a given area has been sold.

For each exhibitor, lunch and coffee is included for two staff members.  Access to the technical program in the lecture rooms on first floor is not included in the booth prize quoted above. We kindly ask our exhibitors to register on equal terms with other conference participants, if full conference participation is desired.

We will include the logo of our exhibitors on this web-page, and in any other material listing conference sponsors (book of abstracts etc.).

We will not by default pack leaflets, folders etc. into the conference bag. We encourage exhibitors to make relevant material available at the exhibition for clients to pick up voluntarily.

The exhibition area is shown below. Yellow areas are already booked.

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