Paper submission

Preparation of a paper
Templates for paper preparation are available for Latex and Word. Download of templates are done via the following links:

Latex template

The LaTeX template must be compiled using XeLaTeX. XeLaTeX is bundled with the latest versions of latex for Windows (MikTek), Linux (texlive) and Mac (MacTex). You can either use the command line:
xelatex EAAproceedings.tex
or choose the appropriate setting of your LaTeX editor of choice. For more information go to:

Some have had trouble using XeLaTex. For those, we now have an alternative package for e.g. pdfLaTex

Word template
Some authors have reported problems with insertion of figures in the Word template. The figures extend beyond the figure boundaries. This is probably due to differing program versions. A solution is: When you insert figures, do: “insert > picture > from file”. After that, right-click on the figure and choose format picture. Now go to "Layout" and choose "Square" or "Tight" instead of "In line with text". Then you should be able to position the figure.

Example of resulting PDF

Upon several requests, we have now allowed papers of up to 6 pages instead of the previously announced 4 pages.

PACS numbers can be found as mentioned in the templates, or simply re-used from the abstracts submission (Log in to the submission system using the paper reference number and password that you received by e-mail. Enter the "Modify abstract" page and you can see the previously chosen PACS numbers).

Submission of a paper
Papers should be submitted in PDF format.
Paper upload is done via login in the form under the abstract submission menu by using the paper reference number and password received via abstract receipt and acceptance e-mails.

IMPORTANT: In the automatic e-mail receipt generated by the submission system upon acceptance of the format of the paper, it is stated that any headers in the uploaded papers should be removed. You should NOT do this. It is an unfortunate pre-defined message that we are trying to remove.

Copyright transfer
With the submission of a manuscript, and if a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author(s) agree to the exclusive transfer of the copyright to the publisher and the EAA until expiry of the copyright. The transfer of the copyright explicitly includes the right to produce electronic versions and the right for electronic storage in databases as well as the right to reproduce and publish such versions offline without any extra remuneration.

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